• Canadian safe haven for dark web
  • Security and anonymity evaluations
  • Specifically to Canadian buyers and vendors

We the North Market: Inside Canada’s Premier Wtnmarket

As a Torono native, I was intrigued when rumors started spreading about a new dark web marketplace dubbed We the North (Wtn) catering specifically to Canadian buyers and vendors. Clearly riffing off the Toronto Raptors slogan, I decided to test this cryptomarket myself to see if it lives up to promises balancing safety with illegal offerings from the Great White North.

Overview of Wtnmarket Marketplace

Wtnmarket Accessible via Tor at http://hn2pawnq42tdk6dfrzsrm3dmrrcq5m75njdtca22in7jdyevfgknrpid.onion/?m=t We the North launched in 2020 branding itself as a Canadian safe haven for dark web dealings. Admins enacted stricter policies around banned items and scams aiming reducing risks inherent with underground trafficking.

This review documents first-hand experiences across:

  • Listing offerings and inventory
  • Security and anonymity evaluations
  • Purchasing walkthroughs assessing usability

Hopefully findings help fellow Canadians weigh Wtnmarket tailored-for-us marketplace as regulations and law enforcement target operations abroad. Now let’s see how We the North stacks up.

wtn market , how look webiste

Examining WtN Listings Catering to Canucks

True to roots, We the North concentrates almost exclusively illicit Canadian niches:

Wtn Market Fraud Offerings

Stolen cards/accounts and counterfeit documents primarily servicing increased e-commerce fraud domestically through compromised Shopify and banking breaches.

Drug Inventories

All traditional narcotic categories well represented from cannabis to opioids. Listings skew traditional organized crime imports from China precursors to biker gang diverted prescriptions.

Other Notable Offerings

Some PGSC government database access, money laundering methods, dedicated sports betting and surprisingly only limited penetration Canadian weapons markets.

Wtnmarket Admins enacted prohibitions banning terrorism, explosives and fentanyl contrasting permissive general-purpose dark web markets. But cross-categorization issues persist possibly indicating gaps oversight scaling.

Evaluating Security and Anonymity

As expected, We the North (Wtn Market) defaults privacy fundamentals like Bitcoin payments, encrypted messaging and forced PGP.

Additional controls include 2-factor authentication mandates and order finalize timing designed protecting buyers and obscuring law enforcement infiltration attempts.

However, the market’s youth may impact admin diligence balancing growth against abuse. But no major incidents reported publicly yet either.

Walking Through the We the North Buying Process

I tested checkouts depositing 0.0015 BTC, browsing cannabis inventory and withdrawing proceeds:

Registering an Account

Wtn registration , only for Canada

The signup flow proved simple needing only specifying a username, password and PGP key. But safeguarding credentials and keys remains non-negotiable.

Funding My Balance

BTC deposited smoothly after several confirmations. Easy QR lookup streamlines sending from external wallets.

Purchasing on Wtnmarket

Checked a few vendors trafficking old school strains before standardized legalization. Prices remain inflated illegally despite licensed competition. Many operated offline before Internet opened access and shipping simplified logistics. Customer service far exceeds Telegram plugs on response times and product details.


Cashed out test profits without issues after enabling 2FA. Funds reflected in my wallet under an hour.

Final Verdict on We the North Marketplace

In summary, We the North market provides reasonably robust protections given illegal aims coupled with responsive community building nation-focused audience engagement beyond solely profit incentives.

But risks still clearly persist amid unregulated commerce models irregardless actor motives. And longevity depends largely on law enforcement whack-a-mole rather than inherent operational security alone.

For seasoned participants embracing calculated threats, interest warrants monitoring development balancing accessibility and defenses catering Northern traffickers. Weigh protections against moral relativism if participating directly nonetheless.

Hopefully perspectives from actual usage prove useful assessing this specialized dark web marketplace compared to broadly targeting rivals. Let me know any other questions from a Canuck’s lens!