A recent post by a Nemesis Market administrator floated the idea of no longer supporting Bitcoin payments due to escalating miner fees and potential transition to solely accepting privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero. This prompted extended debate within the community covering implications.

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    Administrators Make Case for Phasing Out Bitcoin

    In the original post, admins cited excessive Bitcoin network fees hampering vendors’ ability to withdraw funds efficiently. With users paying up to $20 transactions on a volatile blockchain, Monero’s enhanced anonymity features offer smoother transfers for lower costs currently.

    “We might have to stop accepting Bitcoin payments very soon…Please exchange your Bitcoin for Monero” the marketplace moderator suggested pointing buyers to various wallet and exchange options facilitating the switch.


    Respondents overwhelmingly agreed appreciating the administrator heads-up. But questions and concerns quickly surfaced around accessibility, merchant incentives, and marketplace longevity consequences.

    Transitioning to Monero Securely

    Admins provided trusted resources accessing Monero anonymously for those less familiar:

    Recommended Wallets

    • GetMonero – Core open-source wallet handling private keys
    • CakeWallet – User-friendly mobile Monero wallet on iOS and Android
    • MyMonero – Web-based hosted Monero wallet alternative

    But be warned, services like Exodus may require identity verification defeating privacy aims.

    message on nemesiss , avoid exodus

    KYC-Free Exchanges

    Purchase or swap Bitcoin through exchanges not mandating intrusive disclosures:

    Direct wallet-to-wallet transfers without third-parties aid obscuring transaction histories from prying surveillance. Leverage these community tools sparingly warding overreach.

    Community Seeks Clarity Around Rationale and Costs

    Several community members pressed for additional transparency on the underlying issues and decision factors. Specifically:

    • Exact withdrawal fee benchmarks determining excessive rates
    • Exchange volume data highlighting Monero underrepresentation
    • Projected impacts on vendor registrations supporting only one coin

    Moderators acknowledged downsides like fewer payment options reducing adoption but emphasized priorities optimizing merchant experience:

    “Vendors can’t withdraw their money because of the high fees”

    This tension between administrative burdens and user friction recurred across supporter and skeptic perspectives alike.

    Buyers and Sellers Debate Implications of Bitcoin Removal

    Both buyers and vendors weighed pros and cons of a Bitcoin phase-out spanning security, privacy, and practicality considerations:

    Supporter Views

    • “XMR is many times better than Bitcoin, it just takes a little longer for the payment to arrive, the fees are really low, it’s worth it.”
    • “XMR BETTER”
    • “Amen to that! Preach.”

    Skeptic Stances

    • “I’m totally unfamiliar with monero and the crypto world is so packed with scams that I am reluctant to start moving money into something new to me like that.”
    • “We can’t buy directly XMR in our country.. please keep wallet.”

    This mixed reaction prompted community members pitching compromises like low-fee transaction batches on Bitcoin or easier XMR acquisition methods – evidence comes before absolutes.

    Technical Considerations Around Cryptocurrency Support

    Beyond philosophy debates, seasoned users highlighted practical challenges introducing payment coin changes on dark web marketplaces:

    • Immature Monero exchange ecosystem compared to liquidity moving Bitcoin
    • Competitors successfully implemented simplified XMR swap features
    • Testing slower withdrawals first before abandoning altogether

    As a resolution, supporters advocated gradual transitions giving users self-agency educating themselves on anonymity advantages but without heavy-handed mandates eroding freedoms the community stands upon. Progress manifests collaboratively through individuals then institutions.

    Closing Perspectives on Evolving Marketplace Payments

    In summary, the Nemesis administrator proposal shifting away from Bitcoin transactions sparked thoughtful debate across the community. While Monero offers clear privacy and cost advantages currently, impacts on accessibility require consideration balancing principles and practicality.

    Ideally, buyers and sellers will take individual initiative investigating merits of anonymity advances proactively, allowing organic rather than systemic transitions. But administrators equally carry burdens sustaining environments supporting free commerce beyond surface web constraints.

    Ongoing dialogue highlighting mutual good faith remains vital as regulations, technologies and threats flux frequently. But united behind shared goals and individual dignity, collective wills manifest catalyzing the next phase keeping this experiment persevering.

    Last News from Nemesis market

    2024-02-03 Lower Transaction Fees Now Available

    By /u/Francis

    Great news for all Nemesis Bitcoin wallet users! We’ve recently transitioned to a new Bitcoin wallet system that offers significantly reduced transaction fees. While Bitcoin transaction fees have historically fluctuated, our users can now enjoy rates ranging from approximately $5 to $20. This adjustment represents a notable improvement from the fees observed just a week or two ago, making your transactions more economical than ever.

    For those looking to eliminate transaction fees entirely, we recommend using Litecoin for your transactions. This alternative provides a cost-effective solution for managing your digital currency without incurring additional expenses.

    As always, we urge our users to remain vigilant against online threats. Please ensure that you’re accessing the legitimate Nemesis platform by carefully reading the captcha text on our login and register pages. This simple step can help protect you from falling victim to phishing websites.

    Stay secure and enjoy your enhanced Nemesis experience with lower fees!