Asap Market is closing – what is Alternatives?


An administrator at the black market site, announced this week, that it would be closing down for “retirement” in a few weeks. ASAP ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT

Asap Market Link

No one now have this onion link, because market is closed.

Asap Market Alternative

Darknet Market EstablishedCommissionTotal ListingsBusiness VolumeLink
Ares20190.15% – 0.25%100+$10 million+Onion Link
Nexus20230.10% – 0.20%110+$20 million+Onion Link
MGM20180.10% – 0.20%200+$20 million+Onion Link
Incognito20170.05% – 0.15%300+$30 million+Exit Scam
Flugs20160.00% – 0.10%400+$40 million+Onion Link
Cypher Market20220.00% – 0.10%200+$30 million+Onion Link
Abacus Market20220.05% – 0.15%100+$20 million+Onion Link

On a post in the dark web forum Dread (part below), an administrator of ASAP has announced that the marketplace will be closing soon, urging users to withdraw their coins as soon as possible.

Users, however, are likely to move to other dark web marketplaces of a similar kind that are still operating, such as Bohemia and Tor2Door. Some of the commenters in the post support the decision of the administrator, and many vendors are already posting to indicate which markets they are moving to. ABOUT ASAP

Launched in March 2020 under the name ASEAN, then rebranded in October 2020, ASAP is one of the largest darknet marketplaces by the quantity of offers and suppliers. Just for the record, the site itself had 63.4k listings from 1.2k vendors.

The kind of advertisements that we can note in ASAP includes drugs (mostly stimulants and cannabis), fraud resources, and credit cards. However, some of these vendors are involved in the activity of dealing in cybercriminal goods and services, which offer stolen login credentials, hacking tutorials, and even hackers for hire.

Such sites have a reputation in the dark web circles for putting the privacy and safety of their users on top, which included a system of knowing scammers and a “DeadDrop” feature with a map for users to collect goods. This is a breaking story, and we will continue to update this blog as more details are confirmed. For more on ASAP, check out the information at the Marketplace page on our Dark Web Hub.